Poncho / Rain Coat

Difference between Poncho and Raincoat.  (They all come in either Transparent, Red, Blue and Yellow)
Poncho is one square piece of plastic with hood.  They are sealed at the sides except for two holes for hands to poke out.  The person can carry a bag underneath the poncho as there is space and can access his/her bag easily.  This is the most popular item ordered for most customers.

Raincoat has long sleeves with hood.  There is a rubber band at the end of the sleeves to hold the sleeve at the wrist area.  This is useful when people need to work whilst in the rain.  The raincoat is like a clothing and does not hinder his/her movement.  There is limited space for bags underneath the raincoat.

Raincoat (With Sleeves – Rubber band at the end)

Poncho (With holes on the side)